Theatrical Makeup

It was backstage where I actually started out my Makeup Artistry career working with my peers ~ young actors, performers and dancers in the Perth Theatrical and Drama scene.

As an aspiring makeup artist, I began my extensive experience as a stage makeup artist creating dramatic effect and hi-visibility stage makeup in many of Perth small theatres, working to develop the fundamental skills that I have carried forth into many aspects of my commercial Makeup Artistry.

As Cairns Makeup Artist, I have extensive experience working backstage to create visually stunning looks for the stage.    Special effects include Age Reduction, Aging, Hi Visibility, Glamour, Drag and Character Styling.

Throughout the years and the places I have travelled I have developed a vast network of incredible contacts for various effects, fabulous accessories and costumes ~ including incredible footwear for character and image styling.

For all manner of productions, from the amateur to big scale, professional shows ~ I am right at home behind the scenes creating amazing characters for large groups, beautiful looks for individual stars as well as character styling and costume makeup for parties, festivals and events.

I am a Mobile Makeup Artist which means I can easily pack up my kit into my trolley and will happily travel to theatres, schools, studios and anywhere my services are required.