Tafe Beauty School Editorial Demo

Hello My Pretties!

A few months ago, Stewart and I received an invitation from the beautiful Rhona Henderson to come along to the Cairns Tafe Beauty School.
Rhona asked us to present a live Makeup and Hair demonstration for the Beauty School Diploma Students.
The Cairns Tafe Beauty School Diploma students were approaching the Makeup Modules of their course and the concept for our demonstration was to be an editorial style look which would hopefully inspire some creative ideas for the students.

Cairns Beauty School Editorial Makeup Demonstration

With such a broad and open directive, I was pretty much free to create anything I wanted. I’m not exactly certain of what it was that triggered the idea but I’m sure it had something to do with Marie Antoinette… The vision I had for this look was a Baroque styled look ~ old worldly, feminine, pale & powdered, tiny kissy lips, a beauty spot and big hair with ornaments. Cairns Beauty School Editorial Makeup Demonstration


Stewart set the models hair and I went to work applying the makeup.

I created a fairly pale base while Pink was the colour of choice for the look for its youthfulness and femininity. I originally wanted to create the small “doll” like lips to look like they were more of a smudged out stain ~ to look as if our model had snuck off into the garden maze to have a sneaky pash with her lover… however, my trusty advisor Stewart recommended I keep the lips solid and intact. Advice I took and implemented in the live demo.

High pink cheeks, edgy pink eye makeup and tiny pink doll-like lips. The look was finished with a small, black beauty spot on the upper left hand cheek.

The demo seemed to be quite successful and the Beauty School students began their practical lesson straight after. Stewart and I stayed for the rest of the day to mingle, give advice, guide and help the students create their looks.
There were some fantastic concepts and plenty of magic being made that afternoon.

Much appreciation to my beautiful model, Alison Ogilvie for lending me her pretty face and hair for a trial as well as the live demonstration.

Cairns Beauty School Editorial Makeup Demonstration


Cairns Beauty School Editorial Makeup Demonstration

And many Thanks to the wonderful Charlotte from Charlottes Photography for coming along to photograph the demo for me.

Until next time my pretties, wishing you a beautiful week.


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