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Hello My Pretties,

Welcome back to my blog .
Well the end of 2015 became so super busy that when I look back, it’s been awhile since my last entry, I originally started to pen this article back in February and I don’t know what happened but suddenly it’s April!
This post is about a collaboration I did several months ago with Charlotte from Charlottes Photography.
It was conceived from the pervious Sugar Skull shoot, when I suggested we shoot in the cemetery if we had the time… however, as shoots often do, we ran over time and this idea left a burning ember of inspiration smouldering in Charlottes mind.

Sugar Skull Makeup

As usual with something like this, the universe guided the beautiful models in our direction and cleared our schedules to allow it to happen.
Our models arrived in the studio for makeup and hair on a Friday, later in the evening after they had both finished work.
The makeup, hair and styling came at it’s own pace as no one was really in much of a hurry.
We arrived on location with arms full of wonderful props (balloons, roses, skulls, dry ice etc) at about 10 pm ~ such a creepy time to be hanging out in a graveyard!  he he (**glee**)

It was so much fun doing this shoot and looking back into my (rather Gothic) teenage ambitions, I always wanted to have a midnight picnic in a cemetery ~ he he.
I hope you like the shots My Pretties, please feel free to click on the images in the galleries to see their larger versions.

Photography by Charlotte Hellings from Charlottes Photography
Makeup by Dana Harris from Makeup Artistry Cairns
Many thanks to our Beautiful Models ~ Sarah and Shane

Thank you for visiting! Until next time my pretties, wishing you a beautiful week.
❤ D*

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