Hindu Wedding Bridal Makeup

Working on Sandhya’s Hindu Bridal Makeup Look was inspirational to me.

Cairns Wedding Makeup_ Hindu Bridal Makeup

Sandhyas Gorgeous Indian Hindu Bridal Makeup ~ Before & After Shot

In the lead up to the big day Sandhya and I conversed about the outfit she would be wearing, the colours that were customary for Brides to wear in her culture and the whole tradition of a Hindu Wedding!
The whole experience was a beautiful one filled with touching considerations, sensational colours and one of my most special bridal makeup memories yet!
During the lead up to Sandhya’s Wedding Makeup session we discussed the all-important wedding dress, or on this particular occasion, it was to be a Sari, completed with an embellished, deep red veil ~ something so different to the Customary Cairns Wedding look.
I love colours and I was so excited to create Sandhya’s Hindu Bridal Makeup look with the colours she had chosen of Gold and Burgundy.  It’s not every day one gets married right? So for my beautiful Hindu Bride, this was to be the most lavish makeup she had ever worn.
We were both very excited.

During the lead up to the big day, in our trial, Sandhya explained that for her, her wedding day was about making everyone happy. In details, she explained how the choice of flowers was her Grandfathers, the choice of veil was her mothers and everyone in her family had their input into her wedding ~ this was what made them happy.
I was to arrive at Sandhya’s home to do her makeup at 2pm. Sandhya asked me if I drank champagne to which I replied, “No, not when I’m working!” We both had a chuckle, then Sandhya asked if I liked chai tea, which I said I did ~ very much. She replied, “Good, then I’ll make you chai tea!”.

Cairns Wedding Makeup_ Hindu Bridal Makeup

As I arrived for the start of Sandhya’s Bridal Makeup session, I was greeted by a steaming hot pot of homemade chai tea (not the packet kind! Sandhya had made this from scratch with tea leaves, grated ginger and a plethora of exotic spices) ~ just for me! I was so touched. This was Sandhya’s big day and it was of the upmost importance for her to bring happiness to everyone she touched. It was one of the most beautiful gestures I could ever imagine!

I really enjoyed the whole experience of creating Sandhya’s Hindu Wedding Makeup, it was rich in culture and colour, exotic in tradition and fragrance and Sandhya was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever had the privilege to paint. Sandhya kept a small pocket mirror in her hand during her makeup session and glanced at herself whenever there was a break in proceedings. When I had finished, Sandhya looked at herself in the large mirror on her wall and exclaimed in wonder, “D! I have never looked like this before!”
It was lovely to see Sandhya admiring her image, she stood there for a considerable time, drinking in her reflection.

That’s what makes me love my job! When someone see’s themselves as they’ve never before and the delight, Oooo, if only I could somehow package that delight and sell it… It’s what I live for 🙂

Wedding Makeup Cairns ~ Indian Brial Makeup

Cairns Wedding Makeup ~ Gorgeous Hindu Bridal Makeup

Until next time My Pretties ~ Wishing you a beautiful day!

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