Halloween Makeup For 2014

Hello My Pretties!

Well, it’s nearly the end of November and I’m only just catching you up on the Halloween Makeup for this season!
**wiping brow**

Over the last five or so years, I’ve noticed that here in Australia, Halloween has become more and more of a big deal (much to some of my Aussie “bogan” friends disgust! ~ Yes, You Stu Crocodiledundee !!!) he he
However, as our culture has so obviously displayed, we, Australia are the USA’s baby sibling… and everything “they” do we seem to follow …”
So Be It”, I say and I like to look at the USA as a kind of “crystal ball” for what will become the norm for us Aussies (so get your land and paddocks ready folks because marijuana is bound to become legal in the near future ~ for “medicinal” purposes of course!) he he
Anyway, as I was saying, Halloween !  It’s become rather a big deal here in most suburbs and this year was absolutely no exception.
As Halloween fell on a Friday this year, there were more parties than usual and not only did folks party on the Friday, but the parties stretched out for the entire week!
Ok, ok, enough chit-chat ~ lets get on with the makeup!!

This year, Sugar Skulls were high on the list of makeup requests, closely followed by Zombies, then Killer Clowns which were by far up there in the popularity stakes.
The absolute winners for “on the job makeup requests” were half skulls with one random “Half Face” thrown in there to keep me on my toes! (thank goodness for Google so I could find out who this “Half Face chap was!!)

Here are some of my 2014 Halloween Makeup Creations (all work by D* at Makeup Artistry Cairns)  ;~

So life has been ultra busy for me these last several weeks with moving house, Halloween and the tail end of the formal season ~ along with graduations.
I have been overwhelmed with all the beautiful new people I’ve met recently and look forward to networking in and around Cairns with my new friends and acquaintances in the world of Makeup Artistry.
I have lots going on for the end of this month with the Nick Wolf Workshop here in Cairns ~ I’m very excited to be attending to meet up with some of my old Face Painting friends from the Northern Territory and some new face painting friends here in Cairns!
I’ll be achieving my certification for Eyelash Extensions in December (so sign up to be a Makeup VIP and receive calls for models & other special offers) ~ And January is looking to be a busy month also with an Expo in the air!
So stay tuned My Pretties because I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the exciting, magical things that are happening!
Until next time. wishing you a beautiful week.


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