Busy Face Painting Weekend

Hello My Pretties!

This weekend I was very busy indeed with two Face Painting bookings amongst other appointments, tasks and jobs.

My first Face Painting booking for the beautiful young Bollywood star Arya to celebrate her 8th Birthday.
The beautiful Arya specifically requested my services for her party ~ to paint 12 of her lovely little friends and herself.
Aryas birthday party was booked for a 1 hour session only as her request came a little late in the week and I had already accepted an invitation to a baby shower at noon, so effectively I had 13 little ladies to paint in 1 hour!
This called for some serious prior planning as speed painting was definitely on the cards!
I didn’t have any time to photograph my work on this occasion (something I always endeavour to do), however some of the pieces I created on the day were Faeries, Flowers, Rainbows, a Tiger and a Swan. All in all it was a fairly successful session, however the designs were strictly simple and I did need to stay a little longer than I was booked as I couldn’t bear to disappoint anyone ~ I managed to paint almost everyone in an hour and 20 minutes. Luckily lunch came in time to distract the final couple of girls who didn’t really seem too keen to be painted.

My second Makeup Artistry booking for the weekend was Face Painting at young Daniels 3rd Birthday Celebration.
Daniels party drew a mixture of ages under six with several 3 year olds having their first face paint and even young Billy (aged 2) sitting successfully for a full face Tiger face paint! (It’s always tricky painting the very little ones as they tend to wriggle and want to wipe the “wetness” from their faces!).  A big “Thanks” to Billy’s mum for letting me use this gorgeous picture 🙂

Cairns Face Painter

Billy’s First Face Paint ~ Aged 2 and a Bit

The children were kept busy on the trampoline, a wet and wild jumping castle, there were lots of lovely toys and of course me ~ to add to the fun!
I was booked for a two hour session for this party which was a lot more comfortable as I was able to spend a little more time on each child and add the small details to each design which of course makes all the difference.
Fareies were the most requested design amongst the girls and I do delight in making each design slightly different with subtle changes to the colours I used (to match the colours of the clothing worn).
Monsters are my specialty amongst the boys and some of the young gents indulged my passion allowing me to create Zombies and Scary Clowns! The always popular Spider Man made an appearance as well as a few fantasy Wild Cats (for both the boys and the girls). I had such a lovely time face painting at Daniels birthday party and was made to feel most welcome by his beautiful parents and their friends.
Here are some of the pictures I managed to take from Daniels party ~ I hope you like them.
(Please note, I have received permission from all the parents to publish these images.)

Wishing you all a beautiful week.


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