2015 Halloween Makeup Prep

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Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and things have certainly been gearing up in the Studio with all kinds of Spooky-licious Makeup Goodness going on!

Día de Muertos Makeup
I was blessed to have worked with some of my beautiful friends to create this Gorgeous series of shots ~ Sugar Skulls

Although Día de Muertos is not the same festival as Halloween, the Beautiful, Detailed Skull designs always inspire magic, especially around this time of the year.

It was always to be a sugar skull shoot, originally planned with one female model.   An opportunity arose to shoot with a male model as well and the concept began to evolve on it’s own, as creative ventures often do. So what started as a simple “Avant Garde” makeup shoot with one model became a story of two Sugar Skull lovers, exploring their relationship, the complications marriage, and the triumph of their love.

Día de Muertos Makeup

It was a really productive day, having the good fortune to just be able to go with whatever magic came out of my brushes on the day. I love shoots like these where we have a vision but there’s lots of room for magic to happen. I am very blessed to work with Charlotte as she is as passionate about photography as I am about makeup so we always manage to make some magic together and this day was no exception.

The series was picked up by Valerie Magazine and published in their Issue 1 which is available to purchase.

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Models ~ James Carne & Phoenyx Fireheart
Photographer ~ Charlotte Hellings from Charlottes Photography
Hair and Makeup by Dana Harris from Makeup Artistry Cairns

Día de Muertos Makeup

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